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Presto-Crest also produces custom Specialty Numbers using the latest laser-cutting technology. Multi-colour numbers are shipped pre-aligned eliminating the process of aligning the foreground and background. These numbers are available in Presto-Film, Pro-Twill, Flock & Poly-Tex. You can purchase Individual Numbers (minimum order of 5 pieces), Team Number Sets (minimum order of 30 pieces) and League Number Sets (minimum order of 100 pieces). The colour chart in our Support section shows the many available colours for this product. Our regular sizes are 3", 4", 6", 8" 10" and 12". Custom sizes are available upon request and approval from our order desk. See below for our many unique styles and some sample images.

Specialty Number Styles

  1. Pro-Twill #
  2. Presto-Film #
  3. Poly-Tex #