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Blank Twill Bars

Blank Twill Bars are available either with or without a merrow edge. They are the perfect choice for in store lettering of team and player names using our Presto-Film Die-Cut Letters. They are available in the following sizes: 3" x 10", 3" x 12", 3" x 14", 3" x 16", 4.5" x 12", 4" x 12", 3.25" x 12.75" (arched) and 4" x 16".

Pro-Twill Name Bars

Our Pro-Twill Name Bars feature Pro-Twill Letters zig-zag stitched to the twill name bar providing a rich, professional 3-D appearance These bars are available with or without the merrow edge. One, two or three colour numbers can be ordered.  The bar sizes we sell are 3" x 16" (with 2" Narrow Block letters) or 4" x 14" (with 3" Narrow Block letters).

Custom Sublimated Twill Bars

These Custom Sublimated Twill Name Bars are available in either one or two colours. The background of the bar is not considered a colour. A merrow edge is available at a small aditional cost. There is a minimum order of six pieces for this product. They are available in the following sizes: 3" x 10", 3" x 12", 3" x 14", 3" x 16", 4.5" x 12", 4" x 12", 3.25" x 12.75" (arched) and 4" x 16".

Pre-Spaced Presto-Film Player Names/Sponsors

This product is produced from Presto-Film on a paper carrier for easy application. Simply fax or email us your team roster. We'll cut and send each players name pre-sized, pre-spaced and ready to apply! For pricing letter sizes are 2", 2.5-3" or 3.5-4". Please DO NOT use hand writing for team rosters. Hand writing is subject to interpretation and we simply can't afford to be held responsible for misinterpretation of any individuals penmanship! Email is always the best choice. A type-written FAX is the next best option. Order forms are available by contacting our order desk or from the Support section of this website.